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Laser Skin Treatments: The Popularity of Clear + Brilliant®

Unlike most laser skin treatments, the popularity of Clear + Brilliant laser procedures spans from patients in their early 20s through to older patients who want to address age-related skin concerns. As one of the gentlest laser skin treatments available, is popular at our San Francisco cosmetic dermatology practice for a range of skin conditions. And during a Clear +…

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Laser Skin Treatments: Why Fraxel® Is the Gold Standard

If you’ve spent any time researching laser skin resurfacing treatments, it’s possible you walked away more confused than ever. There’s a veritable alphabet soup of lasers out there. Our practice offers a range of laser skin rejuvenation treatments, enabling our specialists to customize procedures to the patients’ needs. But for all the variety among lasers, there’s only one name you…

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Thicker Hair is Possible with PRP and More

What can I do to get thicker hair? I’m worried about my thinning hair, or hair loss. We get this question all the time. Hair loss affects both men and women, and can be devastating to self image and emotional well-being. While the vast majority of men will experience hair loss by age 50, as many as 40% of women…

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Quick, Easy, Online eVisits are Here!

What is an eVisit, and how does it work? We want your appointments at our office to be quick, easy, and accurate. That’s why we’ve started offering eVisit services as part of our patient care. An eVisit is a secure, video chat appointment that you can schedule in minutes through our eVisit portal. You will meet with our Physician’s Assistant,…

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Before and After Gallery: Injectables (Fillers and Neurotoxins)

Are you interested in injectables? Fillers and neurotoxins, known in our industry as “injectables,” are often the easiest way to rejuvenate and refresh your face. The neurotoxins we offer at our San Francisco practice (like BOTOX® Cosmetic, and Dysport®) work to temporarily freeze muscles that are causing the skin to wrinkle in certain spots. By freezing the muscle, the overlaying skin is…

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Before and After Gallery: Rejuvenate Your Skin

How Can Dr. Welsh and Dr. Hui Rejuvenate My Skin? Dr. Welsh and Dr. Hui are experts in skincare. They are board certified cosmetic dermatologists. This makes them experts in what it takes to rejuvenate your skin from the inside out. We have the safest technology to help you improve your skin. Whether it’s reducing brown spots, red spots, or the appearance of…

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Before and After Gallery: Acne and Scarring. Improve yours today and achieve the results you have always wanted.

How can Dr. Welsh and Dr. Hui help with my acne and scarring? Whether you’re a teenager or not, acne can be a frustrating dermatological problem. At Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology, we have solutions ranging from medical-grade skincare products to prescriptions that can reduce breakouts. We also have options that reduce the appearance of scarring, even some as old as…

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Oil of Oh No! The Truth About Oil Cleansers

A recent trend in oil-based cleansers and moisturizers has made its way to the beauty stores, and onto the faces of our patients. Oil-based products sound natural and healthy, but in reality they are very bad for your skin. Here are SIX reasons why you should save your oil for your cooking and your car, and keep oil-based products off your…

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The Next Big Chill: Whole Body Cryotherapy

Have you heard about the latest treatment in our office, Whole Body Cryotherapy? We are the only office in San Francisco to offer this service, which is great for reducing inflammation, and leaves patients feeling refreshed and energized. Whether you’re a dancer, athlete, or training for a big event such as a marathon, you can benefit from the whole body…

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