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Quick, Easy, Online eVisits are Here!

What is an eVisit, and how does it work? We want your appointments at our office to be quick, easy, and accurate. That’s why we’ve started offering eVisit services as part of our patient care. An eVisit is a secure, video chat appointment that you can schedule in minutes through our eVisit portal. You will meet with our Physician’s Assistant,…

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Before and After Gallery: Acne and Scarring. Improve yours today and achieve the results you have always wanted.

How can Dr. Welsh and Dr. Hui help with my acne and scarring? Whether you’re a teenager or not, acne can be a frustrating dermatological problem. At Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology, we have solutions ranging from medical-grade skincare products to prescriptions that can reduce breakouts. We also have options that reduce the appearance of scarring, even some as old as…

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Oil of Oh No! The Truth About Oil Cleansers

A recent trend in oil-based cleansers and moisturizers has made its way to the beauty stores, and onto the faces of our patients. Oil-based products sound natural and healthy, but in reality they are very bad for your skin. Here are SIX reasons why you should save your oil for your cooking and your car, and keep oil-based products off your…

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Troubled by Teen Acne? We Have Solutions!

The teenage years are tough enough without acne. Whether it’s occasional breakouts, or something more serious, in our San Francisco office, we offer safe and effective options for teenagers with all kinds of acne. We can help you to revise your skin care regimen, treat your existing breakouts, and prevent the cycle from starting all over again. If a prescription…

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Body Acne Tips in June

Because of all the extra sunshine, summer tends to be the season where we show off the most skin. Whether in a swimsuit, a tank top, or a strapless dress, the skin on our arms, back, shoulders and chest spends extra time on display from June to September. Last month, our Facebook posts focused on how to protect your skin from the…

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Have Clearer Skin in 2014: 15 Misconceptions About Acne

The new year is a time when many people reflect on their choices of years past, and decide to make different ones. In our office, that means lots of patients, new and established, take renewed interest in making their skin the best it can be. Acne is one of the most common complaints that our patients have about their skin.…

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Back and Body Works -Dr. Welsh’s Favorite Body Products

Tank tops, and racerbacks, and spaghetti straps, oh my! It’s summertime in the City. And even though San Francisco days can be foggy and cool, I still find myself pulling on more dresses and tank tops than usual. But this also means that the occasional acne breakout on my arms, back, and shoulders is even more annoying than usual. There’s…

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Oh No! Studies Suggest Chocolate May Exacerbate Acne

It’s no secret that diet and excercise contribute to a healthy body and, subsequently, healthy skin. However, until now, it was unclear if chocolate consumption was correlated to acne break outs. Unfortunately, new research by Samantha Block, of the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine suggests that the answer is yes. In her first study, published in the Journal…

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New Study Confirms That Mites Have a Role In Rosacea

A new study funded by the National Rosacea Society (NRS) confirms that mites may cause or at least exacerbate Rosacea. Yes, we all have mites on our face. This is not new information to researchers, but, if you’re not a Rosacea researcher or dermatologist, you are probably surprised and a little disgusted to learn that microscopic mites called Demodex folliculorum…

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Acne Myths Exposed! Notes from a San Francisco Bay Area Dermatologist

New as well as old myths continue to shape people’s views about acne and how to treat it. Here is a quick rundown on the most popular myths in the mainstream today. #1 Acne is Just Cosmetic – Acne is more than skin deep. It is a medical condition, that can cause anxiety and depression. #2 You Can “Sweat” Out…

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