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Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

Despite how common it is, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) can be tough to talk about. At our San Francisco practice, we understand the sensitive nature of this concern, and we have the proven tools and techniques to treat it. You don’t need to live with embarrassing sweat stains or odor anymore. Our dermatologists and skincare professionals are ready and able to help you live your most fulfilling life.

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In order to provide her hyperhidrosis patients with a long-lasting solution, Dr. Kathleen Welsh added the miraDry system to her practice in late 2012 and became The Bay Area Center for Excessive Sweating Treatments. A “miraDry Certified Partner,” our San Francisco-based practice was the first in Northern California and one of the first 10 practices in the country to offer this treatment. Patients who have undergone the miraDry procedure have reported life-changing results.

See how we perform a miraDry treatment on a patient.

The latest upgrade to the system means that miraDry isn’t just for hyperhidrosis patients anymore!1 Appropriately qualified patients who want to reduce their sweating are now able to have the procedure. One treatment can also eliminate odor and reduce underarm hair growth by 75%.1 You can run or bike to work and be ready to give a presentation without worrying about embarrassing sweat marks, even without deodorant.2

What is the miraDry treatment?

miraDry is a new generation of FDA-cleared technology that’s indicated for the treatment of sweat and odor glands for people bothered by excessive underarm sweat. It’s a quick in-office treatment that provides immediate and long-lasting results with minimal to no downtime.3

How does it work?

miraDry uses microwave energy, which is proven to be the ideal method for treating the sweat and odor glands in the underarms because it creates targeted heat in the area of the glands and safely eliminates them.4 The advanced design of the miraDry system continuously cools your skin during treatment for added comfort and safety.

How long will it take, and how many treatments are needed?

The treatment is complete in about one hour, and you will see results in as little as one treatment.2 However, as with any medical treatment, your physician will determine the best protocol for your desired results.

Is the treatment painful?

Since local anesthesia is administered to the underarm prior to treatment, most patients experience little to no pain.

Should I plan on any downtime?

Most patients experience minimal downtime and return to normal activities right after treatment. They can typically resume light exercise within several days.

Are there any side effects?

The miraDry treatment has a strong safety record. You may experience some localized soreness or swelling, which typically fade within a few weeks. Some patients have short-term altered sensation in the skin of their underarms or upper arms, which gradually disappears.4

Don’t I need sweat glands to keep cool?

After the miraDry treatment, your underarm sweat and odor glands will be eliminated. Although your body does need sweat glands to cool itself, your body contains 2 to 4 million sweat glands, only about 2% of which are found in your underarms. Eliminating this 2% of sweat glands does not affect your body’s ability to cool itself. More than 30,000 treatments have been successfully performed worldwide5, so you can feel confident and safe with your sweat-free underarms.

BOTOX® for Excessive Sweating

BOTOX isn’t just for fading lines and wrinkles. Botulinum toxin type A, the same active ingredient that relaxes the muscles that cause wrinkles, can also be administered to overactive sweat glands to slow their sweat production and keep you dry and comfortable. Although its results are temporary, BOTOX is an excellent option for men and women in search of a quick, straightforward solution to excessive sweating.

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2Individual experience may vary.

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